Macro tester

function Used for macro camera test. The Tray disk is compatible with the Trioptics Pro 9 test; Test distance: adjustable within 3mm – 100mm, accuracy ± 0.05mm; Test frequency: 30-220lp/mm; SFR accuracy: ± 3%; SFR curve height, fat and thin, shift can be adjusted parametrically;

Full-automatic PDAF horizontal burner

Used for AF/FF mobile phone camera, car camera, surveillance camera and other tests. It includes fixture turning mechanism, hollow rotating platform, relay mirror assembly, far and near focus test assembly, white field test assembly, etc

5G optical module coupling machine

Function It is used for optical path coupling of optical modules, including automatic loading and unloading, visual photography, lens coupling, dispensing and curing modules. characteristic The air floating platform is used to isolate vibration and prevent vibration and external interference; Linear module accuracy, X Y Z: 1um, TZ: 0.05 °; Precision automatic dispensing and UV curing system.
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