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Shenzhen RayShine Vision Automation Technology Co., Ltd. is a collection of research and development, production and sales as one of the high-tech enterprises, the company is committed to providing reliable automation equipment for precision optical products, such as camera industry, UAV vision industry, vehicle security industry and other precision optical products.
At present, the company's main products: 6 DOF optical automatic alignment Active Alignment equipment, dual camera assembly AA equipment, large wide-angle AA equipment, four-stage AF test equipment, LENS AA equipment, 5G optocoupler equipment and other precision non-standard automation equipment.



Committed to providing reliable automation equipment for precision optical products

On-board assembly line

Clean and tear film, lock, AA, oven, airtight, function test, internal reference calibration

RSCZCX01 on-board whole line

The assembly line consisting of AA loading machine, AA machine, oven, oven loading and unloading machine is compatible with vehicle-mounted camera:

Function tester

Function: Color difference, gray scale, white balance, resolution, black and white field, angle, working current, signal to noise ratio FOV test light source: FOV test. Flat chart light source: SFR/MTF, color card, gray scale, OC, FOV (when FOV is less than 90 degrees) test. Collimator: SFR/MTF when FOV is greater than 90 degrees White field: white balance, stain, bad spot test Black field: bright spot lighting fixture: voltage, current, lighting test



Provide customers with competitive precision industrial automation solutions and services

Vehicle security industry

At present, the company's main products are: 6 DOF optical automatic alignment Active Alignment equipment, double-camera assembly AA equipment, wide-angle AA equipment, four-segment AF test equipment, LENS AA equipment, 5G optical coupling equipment and other precision non-standard automation equipment.

Camera industry solutions

This device is mainly used in the alignment and assembly process of mobile phone camera module; It includes automatic alignment system, automatic dispensing system, UV curing system, automatic loading and unloading system, etc.

UAV vision industry solution

The company has always focused on product development and manufacturing, continuously improving the stability and reliability of equipment, and meeting the high-quality needs of different customers; Solve common problems in manufacturing industry such as low efficiency, low qualification rate, high cost and complex process for customers

Laser light path AA

Lens coupling of transmitting and receiving optical path of optical module

Module AA

Active Alignment is a technology to determine the relative position of parts during assembly.

Lens AA

It can not only calibrate the image plane, but also improve the field curvature and peak elevation; 10 times higher accuracy than module AA



Build a complete electric vehicle traction solution provider

Buke has been focusing on the R&D, production, sales and related technical services of industrial automation equipment control core components and digital chemical plant software and hardware, and providing customers with equipment automation control and digital chemical plant solutions. Taking intelligent manufacturing as the development direction, Buke has persistently built a "three-wheel drive" technology platform composed of automatic equipment control, digital chemical plant and SaaS software, focusing on in-depth links between industry and customers, and providing innovative high-quality and low-cost automation and intelligent solutions. The core control components of industrial automation equipment produced by Bucco include industrial human-machine interface, servo system, stepping system, programmable logic controller, low-voltage frequency converter, etc., which are through the control layer, drive layer and execution layer of industrial control field, and are widely used in logistics equipment, intelligent storage, medical equipment, pharmaceutical machinery, industrial robots, food machinery, clothing machinery, textile machinery, machine tools, electronic manufacturing equipment Rail transit equipment and other fields. Among them, the market share of Bucco human-computer interface products has maintained a leading position among local brand manufacturers for many years, and the market share ranks second among domestic brands. Since 2002, Bucco human-computer interface has led the popularization of domestic touch-screen HMI. At present, millions of Kinco HMIs are widely used in all walks of life. At present, the global manufacturing industry is going through an era of profound changes. Intelligent manufacturing is rising worldwide. All traditional manufacturing enterprises take intelligent and digital transformation as their enterprise strategies, and continue to promote new technologies, new changes and new formats. With the continuous application of various cutting-edge innovative technologies, intelligent manufacturing has become a major trend and core content of manufacturing development.

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Industry Rich Union announced the launch of the "beacon pilot plan"

In the industrial automation industry, Huichuan Technology, with its own R&D and technical advantages, occupies 14.6% of the market share in the domestic low-voltage inverter market, ranking first among domestic companies and third in the industry. Compared with foreign enterprises, there is also a small gap, and it is in the stage of rapid growth and seizing the market. In terms of servo system, foreign brands have accounted for about 70% of China's market share by virtue of their brand and technical advantages. Huichuan Technology, with its strong R&D and technical strength, has achieved the first place in the domestic brand, the fourth in the industry, and 10.7% of the domestic market share. In the elevator industry, Huichuan Technology, as a supplier of elevator components, has been at the leading level in technology and production technology in the long-term cooperation with the elevator manufacturer. In 2020, the company has sold about 400000 integrated controllers and frequency converters in the elevator industry. The market share of the company's elevator integrated controller products and human-machine interface products has been at the leading position in the industry, It has become an industry-leading supplier of large supporting solutions for elevator electrical equipment. In the new energy vehicle business, Huichuan Technology has achieved mass sales of motor controller products in the field of new energy passenger cars, logistics vehicles and passenger cars after years of efforts and accumulation. The company has become a leading domestic supplier of motor controller, motor and powertrain products for new energy vehicles. According to the statistics of NE Times, the market share of electric control products of the company was about 10.6% in 2020, ranking second in the industry. Industrial robot business. In 2020, Huichuan Technology has achieved mass sales of its industrial robot products in mobile phone manufacturing, lithium battery, TP, metal processing and other industries by virtue of its deep understanding of downstream industries and its competitive advantage of the "core parts+complete machine+process" platform. According to GGII statistics, the number of SCARA robots sold by the company in 2020 ranked third in China, and the number of domestically funded robots ranked first. The sales volume was 46300, with a year-on-year growth rate of more than 35%. The growth momentum was mainly from the Apple industrial chain, 5G and new energy industries. In rail transit business, Huichuan Technology can develop and innovate the core technology of traction and control system of rail transit by virtue of its deep understanding of motor drive and control technology, and improve the localization of high-end intelligent equipment. As a local enterprise, compared with some foreign-funded enterprises in the industry, the company has the advantages of localization strategy support, high cost performance, and timely response to customer needs. The company has become one of the few traction system suppliers in China that master the core technology of traction and have business performance.

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Breaking through the key core technology of industrial control, Baoxin Software released domestic large PLC products

"Industrial automation is an important foundation and component of realizing intelligent manufacturing and building an iron and steel ecosystem. The PLC product released by Baoxin is a successful case of unlocking the" stuck neck "technology." Lu Jun, general manager of China Baowu Intelligent Industry Center and director of the Digital Intelligence Office, said that this not only broke the monopoly of foreign products from Europe, the United States, Japan and other countries in this market field for a long time, but also will reshape the PLC market The development of industrial control industry has a far-reaching impact. " Digital transformation is the only way for the high-quality development of China's manufacturing industry, but it is worth noting that as the key technology products supporting the digital transformation of manufacturing industry, the technology and market of large PLC systems are tightly blocked and highly monopolized by foreign manufacturers, and the domestic industrial control market of nearly 200 billion yuan per year has been highly dependent on foreign supply for many years. In order to break the monopoly pattern of foreign manufacturers in the high-end manufacturing field, Baoxin Software, under the guidance and support of the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economic and Information Technology, relying on the technical accumulation of Baowu, China, has broken through the technical problems of precision control and high-speed communication after ten years of intensive research, and has adopted the way of independent integration and independent research and development to form a high reliability, strong openness Control system solutions with high security and large-scale requirements. It is reported that Baoxin software PLC products meet the technological requirements of high-end metallurgical equipment, adhere to the open system architecture design concept, and provide a complete set of powerful hardware and software control platform. For the high-speed control needs of the continuous rolling mill, the system supports up to 6 processing units for parallel computing, with the execution time of a single instruction less than 1 nanosecond, and the fastest scanning cycle as low as 200 microseconds.

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